XML Full Form, What is the Full Form of XML ?

Full Form of XML Extensible Markup Language.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language as similar to HTML.XML was designed to store, transport data and to be self-descriptive.XML is a World Wide Web Consortium Recommendation.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) was designed to carry data to different platform.XML tags are not predefined.Extensible Markup Language (XML) is content-driven. XML is difficult to learn as compared to HTML. Therefore, XML is a World Wide Web Consortium Recommendation.

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Difference Between Extensible Markup Language (XML Full Form) and HTML:

Therefore, The Different between XML and HTML is:

1.XML was designed to carry data to a different platform and HTML was designed to display data.

2.XML tags are not predefined but HTML is predefined.

3. In XML no coding errors are allowed but in HTML small errors are ignored.

4.XML is content-driven and HTML is format driven. 

5. Quotes are required around the XML attribute values but HTML Quotes are not required for the values of attributes.

6.XML is difficult to learn but HTML is easy and simple to learn.

Advantages of using Extensible Markup Language (XML):

However, the Advantages of Using XML is :

1.XML helps you to exchange data quickly between different platforms.

2.XML separates the data from HTML.

3.XML simplifies the platform change process.

Disadvantages of using Extensible Markup Language (XML):

Therefore, The Disadvantage of Using XML is:

1.The processing application is required to use XML.

2. The XML syntax is redundant.

3.XML does not allow the to create users’ own tags.

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