What is Duplicate Content & How to Check It

What is Duplicate Content & How to Check It


Hey guys in this article we’ll get to know more about duplicate content,  what is duplicate content, and how to check content is duplicate or not. If you are new to blogging then you must remember one thing that you should never use duplicate content.

Duplicate content is nothing but a copyright content in short a contain which basically doesn’t belong to you and written by some other person. 

If you use content that is already published in some other blog or website it is called duplicate content.


By using Plagiarism content you don’t get much benefit by the way you won’t get a single benefit. Plagiarism content doesn’t rank in Google search results because it is already been published by some other person.

To become a successful blogger you should never publish Plagiarism content in your blog,  as your blog may get blacklisted and can never be ranked in search results.


What is Duplicate Content & How to Check Duplicate Content


What is Duplicate Content?

As in the beginning, we had already discussed that duplicate contents are copyright content which is already published in some other websites. You cannot use Plagiarism content in your blog if you do so your blog will never be ranking in Google search result.


If you are using Plagiarism content you must remember that by using duplicate content you are only increasing the number of posts in your blog.


Because from Plagiarism content, you won’t get much benefit as your Blog won’t rank in the search result and you cannot get traffic into it.


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How to Check Plagiarism Content?

To check Plagiarism content there are lots of websites,  through this website you can check whether your content is duplicate or not.

If it is Plagiarism then you must make some changes to it before publishing it to your blog, and if your content is 100% unique then you can publish it to your blog.


Some of the Websites are :

1.Plagiarisms Checker (Small Seo Tools)






You can use the above-mentioned websites in order to check the Plagiarism of your article.


To check Plagiarism  of your content you can follow the following steps:

  1. Open any Plagiarism checker website you can also open above mentioned websites.
  1. Now paste your article in the Plagiarism checker box and click Check Plagiarism.
  1. Wait for the result, if the result shows 0% Plagiarism and 100 % Unique then your article is perfect you can publish it.
  1. If there is any Plagiarism then you must make a change to it or write a new article unless and until it becomes 100% unique.


This way you can check your article whether it is Plagiarism or not,  always publish 100%  unique article in your blog so that it can be found in Google search results.

If you keep publishing a unique article then your content will be automatically quality content.


How Accurate Plagiarism Checking Websites Are?

Plagiarism checking websites are very useful tools for content writers, as they help content writers to know whether the content which they are writing is Plagiarism or not. There are Paid as well as free Plagiarism checking tools, but how accurate are they?

Well guys the accuracy of these tools depends on the tools you are using, free tools are less accurate than the paid ones, but even different paid Plagiarism tools show a different result.

If you are a new content writer then defiantly you should go for free Plagiarism tools, But before that, if you write your own content yourself without copying is with some other websites or blog then definitely it will be 100% unique in this cases you won’t require Plagiarism Checking tools, for a safe side you can use free ones.


How to Write Content Yourself?

New Content writers faced this issue, they don’t have any idea of writing content, so they start copying with some other blogs or websites, So here we will share some important points which will help you to write your content yourself.



Always find your keywords before writing your post, as it will help you to write your content very easily. There are lots of free and paid tools for keyword research, if you don’t have a paid tools you can also use free tools even they also show good results.

Some of the free keywords research tools are Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner you can use these tools they also show good and genuine results.


2. Topic’s Knowledge:

You should go through the topic ones in the dip before writing your post, it will help you to write your post don’t write everything the same as what you have read in other blogs or websites, or else it will be Plagiarism content.


3. Write In Details:

When you write something on a particular topic, write everything about it, don’t just write only about the targeted topic write something more related to it in detail.

For example, Your Topic is “How to make money from WhatsApp” here don’t only write the point for making money through WhatsApp, you can include ” How to open WhatsApp account” or “How much money can we make through WhatsApp” or “How much time will it take to make money through WhatsApp”

This way your article will be 1000+ words as well as a detailed article.


4. Use Grammarly:

If you are writing your content in English you may face grammatical errors, for this problem you can use Grammarly it will help you to correct the grammatical errors in your article.

For Grammatical correction the tool is free you just need to add an extension to your web browser and then everything is done, it will automatically display a red line where they are grammatical errors.


This where some of the point through which  you can write a unique as well as a detailed article yourself, try and try for a long time, and defiantly one day you will be able to write a good article


So guys if you found this article to be informative do comment and let us know. To know more about any topic please feel free to comment and in order to get in touch with us please mail us.

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