What Is Affiliate Marketing & How to Start It?

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, hey in this post, I will explain to you, what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing, friends, you may have heard a lot about affiliate marketing, but you may not have been able to know about affiliate marketing.

So friends, today you will know everything about affiliate marketing, so let’s start.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

As you know there are many e-commerce sites and many products come up every day to the sites. Friends, all e-commerce sites want to sell their products as much as possible to earn more and more profit.


Affiliate Marketing

Therefore, That is why all e-commerce sites build their affiliate program so that they can increase their sales. When you become an affiliate member of any e-commerce site (which you can join for free), after that you will have to share the product i.e. the affiliate link of that product, and if someone purchases through that link then you get a commission.

You can share the link anywhere in WhatsApp, Facebook also on YouTube channel.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Friends, However it is very easy to start affiliate marketing, you can start affiliate marketing in a very easy way, below are some ways that you can try as well.

1. Whatsapp: You can share your link on WhatsApp by creating a group and if anyone likes any product and purchased it, then you will get your commission. If you are a beginner in affiliate Marketing then WhatsApp is the best option for you.

2. Website:  Create your own website and sell that product, and if anyone purchases any product from that link then you will get a commission. Here you will have to invest money on domain name and hosting.

Therefore, If you are very new to affiliate marketing then you must have good knowledge of SEO, Website build, and WordPress before selecting this option.

3. Facebook group: Share your link on Facebook by creating a Facebook group, and if someone purchases through that link, you will get a commission. All you have to do is to open a Facebook group and the group must include members who are interested in the product you have shared, so select the members accordingly.

4. Telegram: You can also do affiliate marketing with Telegram, you have to open a telegram channel and you have to share the link of the listed product, and if someone purchases through that link, you will get a commission. If you have an audience in another platform like Instagram, youtube then you must divert them into your telegram channel in order to generate sales from your affiliate links

5. YouTube: You can also do affiliate marketing from YouTube channel, all you need to do is to add an affiliate link to your channel description, you can also add all the links of the products which you use on your YouTube channel, like Camera, Mobile Phone, Laptop, and many other products.

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Best Affiliate Program For Beginners

If you are a beginner to a affiliate marketing then you should know which is the best affiliate program for you, here is the list for some affiliate program for beginners:

1. Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates is the best affiliate program for beginners who have just started affiliate marketing, here you just need to promote the link of the product on social media or on your website/blog.

And when someone clicks and purchases through your link you get a commission for the sale. Amazon offers its associates account in the 14 countries they are:

  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • United States
  • China
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • United Arab Emirates

To create an associate account you can just log in with your Amazon account into your associate account and just fill the basic details and start your affiliate journey with amazon.


2.Commission Junction:

Commission Junction is also the oldest affiliate program, if you are new to affiliate marketing then Commission Junction will be the best program for you, most of the people know Commission Junction as CJ as because of the short form.

In Commission Junction, you can sign up easily and apply for the merchants, some merchants can approve within a short time but some can take to long to respond.



ShareASale is also the best affiliate program as it has more than 1k merchants, where you can find all the products from cloths to software everything is available.

Therefore, the signup process is very simple, once you are done with the signup process you can start promoting the products.


4. Flipkart:

Even Flipkart also offers an affiliate program, from Flipkart affiliate you can only target customer from India, The signup process is very simple, once you are done with the signup process you can start promoting the products to earn your commission.


How to Set-Up Affiliate Blog?

You can also build an affiliate blog or website to promote your affiliate links in order to generate sales from it. To set up an affiliate blog you have 2 options that are with or without investment.

If you don’t want to invest any money then you can build your affiliate blog on blogger,com with Blogspot.com URL but to rank, the blog on a search result will take to a long time.

And if you want to invest and start your affiliate blog then you can select WordPress where you can promote the links and generate sales for it, As it will be easy to work on WordPress as you get a lot of plugins which will help you to do  SEO for the post.

For this, you need to purchases a plugin, theme, hosting, and a domain name and you can start your affiliate blog.


How Much Can We Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

The answer to this question is depends on the sales you generate through your links, if more people purchase from the link provided you, then you can earn more, also it depends on the commission rate of the product. Therefore, Some categories of the product have a high commission rate while some have low.

Therefore, to earn more from affiliate marketing you just need to target product that has a high commission rate and make sure your link reaches the right customer who is actually willing to buy that product.

If you have started an affiliate blog then it takes some time to generate sales, as it needs to be index in google first, when the indexing process is done you start receiving traffic, then you can generate good sales from it.

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