How to Write SEO Friendly Article. 5 Tips

How to Write a Seo Friendly Article.

How to Write Seo Friendly Article, hey guys in this post you will get to know, How to Write a Seo Friendly Article, writing an SEO friendly article is a very important factor in order to rank your blog in the google search result. Without Seo Friendly article you can’t rank your post in the search result.

SEO friendly article can be written very easily, it is very easy to write an SEO friendly article, you just need to follow some steps, therefore the steps are very simple. If you are not writing SEO friendly article in your blog then you should never expect for organic traffic. Organic traffic is the traffic that comes through the google search result.

All those articles which are visible in the first page of the Google search result are all SEO friendly article. Those articles which are SEO friendly article only comes in the google search result. You should always write SEO friendly article if you want organic traffic in your blog.

After reading this article you will get a good knowledge of SEO, How to write SEO and what are the points to be kept in mind while writing an SEO Friendly Article. If you found some doubt please comment and make it clear.


How to Write Seo Friendly Article. 5 Tips



What is Seo Friendly Article?

Seo Friendly Article are those articles that are SEO Optimized and can be ranked in the google search result. Whenever you write an article for your blog or for someone else, always write Seo Friendly Article, which will help your article to rank in the search result as soon as possible.

Seo Friendly Articles have the following Features:

  1. Good Keyword
  2. Well Keyword Placement
  3. Good Heading and Sub Heading
  4. Good Length of Articles
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Good Readability
  7. Good Seo Score

All these are the point which a Seo Friendly Article has.


How to Write a Seo Friendly Article

To write Seo Friendly Article you need to follow the below steps:

1.Keyword Research:

The First step in writing  Seo Friendly Article is to find your keyword. The keyword is the topic in which you will write your article. It must be a low competitive keyword with high CPC, if you are very new to blogging then you must skip CPC, only focus on competition.

Therefore, the best keyword is that, which has low competition and high cpc, also focus on long-tail keywords which will help you to rank in search result soon. Now the next question comes, how to find a keyword? Guys, there are lots of free keyword research tools that can be used for keyword research. If you have a budget then you can go for paid once to.


2. Keyword Placement:

Keyword Placement is also a very important factor for Seo Friendly Article. Therefore, keyword placement should be done in such a way that your keyword should be present in every paragraph of your article. Also, you can use another keyword related to your main keyword in some paragraphs, but not in the first 2-3 paragraphs.

Include your primary keyword in Title, Sub-Heading, and Minor-Heading. Don’t overuse your Keyword, if you are writing an article of 500 words then your keyword must appear 6-7 times only, if you overuse your keyword then it may not rank in the search result as it will be spam content.

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3.Unique Article:

Articles published in your blog should be unique. You should not copy it from some other blogs and paste it in your blog. Try to write your own content, or use voice command to write your articles. If you write your own article then it will be automatically a unique article.

If you are copying from some other blog and publishing it in your blog then believe me your post won’t rank in the search result as Google knows who is the real publisher of the article. You can read the article and rewrite it in your own language.


4. Content-Length:

The length of your article should be a minimum of 500, there’s no limit for maximum it’s your choices. However, If your article doesn’t have a good content length then it will be very difficult for you to rank in the google search result, as google only suggests those blogs with good content length ( as of my experiences).


5. Internal Linking:

All your articles should be linked with each other, as it will help you to gain more traffic to other articles if any one of your articles ranks. Also, it helps in Seo. So always interlink your article, you just need to paste a URL of the published article in currently writing articles. this way you can link your article.


6.Meta Description:

Write a good and attractive Meta Description for your article, so that it can attract users, also include your keyword in Meta Description and title and also subheading.


7. Image:

Always use non-copyright images, which you can find on many websites, if you use copyright images then your article may not rank in the search result. Also, use Alt Text in your images while inserting it on your post.

In Alt text, you can write your keyword or insert your title heading.



Use Seo Plugins which will help you know where you are making mistakes and helps you to correct the mistakes also you can know your SEO score for the post you are writing.


So these are the steps you need to follow in order to write a Seo Friendly Article. Guys if you are new to blogging then please remember, try to write your own article do not copy from some other websites, if you don’t even know SEO then also write your own article.

You will learn it while writing and practicing, It is very easy to write your article once you have full knowledge about the topic, so always select that topic in which you have good knowledge, or else you can’t write more and more articles for that topic.

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