How To Use Zoom App & Create-Join Meeitng

Hey, Guys in this article we will share a complete guide to use Zoom Application, as we all know online meeting and video conferencing is increasing day by day and Zoom is one of the video conferencing application which helps us to create or join a meeting.

Therefore, the Zoom application has grown rapidly in recent months, when all the schools and workplaces were closed due to lockdown. How to use the Zoom App.

If you are new to Zoom App and don’t actually know how to use the Zoom app, don’t worry we will share complete information about the zoom app.


How To Use Zoom App

To Use Zoom App, first, you need to install it on your mobile phone, it is available on both the Play Store and App Store for free.

Also, you can install the Zoom app on your Pc/ Laptops.

Once the installation process is done you can now create or join the meeting.


To Join Meeting:

1.For Joining a meeting you need the meeting code and password. Ask the meeting code and password from the person who is creating the meeting.

2.When you receive the Meeting code and password for the meeting. Enter that on the zoom application and you will be in the meeting.

This way you can join a meeting. This process is also for pc and laptop users who want to join a meeting.


To Create Meeting:

1. To create a meeting you just need to schedule a time or you can just start a meeting by selecting the option “New Meeting”.

2. When the meeting is created now just share the meeting code with those whom you want to invite.

This way you can create a meeting and invites users to your meeting.


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How to Install Zoom App On Mobile Phone

To install the application on your mobile phone you just need to visit the app store or play store of your mobile phone.

If you are an android user then visit the Play store and if you are an iPhone user then visit the App Store.

Search for “Zoom” and install it. Once the installation process is completed you can now use this application to join or create a meeting.


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