What is Blogging? How to Use Blogging to Make Money

What is Blogging? How to Use Blogging to Make Money, hey in this post you will get knowledge about blogging and how to use blogging to make money. In 2020 Blogging has grown much as compared to 2018-2019.

Making Money by blogging is just a reward you get for spending much time in sharing knowledge, so once you start getting money from your blog, also you get motivated to update your blog on daily basis. Everyone has there own ways to make money through Blogging, but before that let’s just start from the beginning.

I guess you have a bit of knowledge about blogging if not, no worries, you will get a deep knowledge here. In the short term, Therefore blogging is an online journal, where anyone can write anything however it may be knowledgeable about something or their travel experience or teaching something.

Blogging can be started with and without investment, it depends upon you how you want to start it. In the later part, we will discuss it. But now we should move to the point that’s  “Blogging to make money”.

Blogging to Make Money

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an online journal, where anyone can write anything it may be knowledgeable about something or their travel experience or teaching something, blogging is free and you can start your blog without any investment. Blogging is a great source of income.

Many bloggers are earning a great amount of money from their Blogs. Blogging takes time to grow but once it is grown it will give you great success.


How to Use Blogging To Make Money.

There are lots of ways you can use blogging to make money or to make a regular source of income for you from blogging. Everyone has there own way to make money, Some may like this method some may not, So it’s upon you to use or skip the below method.

  • Google Adsense:  It is the best way to make money from blogging, but there’s a lot of procedure you have to follow before you can start earning money from Google Adsense. Your blog should follow all the policies issued by Adsense in order to get your account approved.
    Once you get approval from Adsense for your blog then you can start earning money from Adsense.
  •  Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is also a good way to make money from blogging, here you need to promote the product of sites. There are lots of sites which have an affiliate program, you can join any one of them and start your affiliate journey.
  • Ads Networks: There are lots of ads network which you may try if you don’t get approved from Google              AdSense, but you should make google Adsense as the first goal to get approved for your blog before selecting other ads networks.
  • Sponsorship: When your blog becomes more popular than you can get sponsorship, and you can a good amount from it. It is difficult to get sponsorship in blogging with less popularity.

Therefore, these are the ways to make money from blogging if you have any other ideas please share with us in the comment so everyone can know it.

How To Start Blogging?

You Can Start Blogging with or without any investment, if you are a beginner then you should start with Blogspot which is a free platform for bloggers, once you start earning money from your blog then you must move on to a paid platform that is WordPress.

Blogger.com is the best way to get started on your blogging journey, if you don’t have any knowledge about blogging then you must use blogging so that you can learn when you start earning from your blog then you must shift to WordPress and grow yourself in WordPress.


How to Start With Blogger.com

To start blogging with blogger.com you don’t need any investment blogger is a free product of google form where you can start your Blogging, to start your blog in blogger.com just follow the steps given below:

1. Login to Blogger.com from your Gmail account, if you don’t have a Gmail account you need to open one.

2. When you are redirected into the blogger dashboard, now you need to create a new blog, just click on the option “New Blog”

3. Now select a URL for your blog, just remember if you want to add a custom domain (com. in, xyz) you can, or else you can continue with a free blogspot.com

4. When you are done with selecting the URL, now you can choose a theme and customized it, and start writing your blog post or article.

5. Also Submit your post link in google search console to index it in google, so that your article ranks in the google search result.


How to Start With WordPress

To start blogging with WordPress you need to invest in hosting and domain name, you can buy hosting and domain from any website where you get the best deals, to start your blog in WordPress just follow the steps given below:

1. Buy a Hosting and Domain name, you can buy it from the same website or from a different website, if you have purchased from a different website you first need to link your hosting and domain name.

2. Now just open the C panel of your Site, and install WordPress into it, while installing WordPress you also have to set a username and password for your wordpress account.

3. After installation of WordPress, you can directly login to your wordpress dashboard.

4. Install the required plugin and theme according to your choice, and start writing a post or articles for your blog.

5. Also Submit your article link in google search console or webmaster to index it in google, so that your article ranks in the google search result and get traffic to it.


So guys this was the simple steps to set-up your blog in blogger and WordPress, even you can add a custom domain to your blogger’s blog which needs to be purchase, or else you can continue with blogspot.com but in WordPress you have to purchases it.


How Much Can We Earn From Blogging?

There, no direct answer to this question, it totally depends on you, how much effort you take to set up the blog. But also there are some points on which your blogging earnings are dependent.

1. Your Monthly Visitor:

If your Blog has a good number of monthly visitors, then your earnings may be high. So that’s why you need to focus on SEO to increase traffic to the website.

2. Countries :

Your Blogging earnings are also dependent on Countries from where you get traffic to your website. If you get traffic from the USA then definitely your earnings will be high.

3.Numbers of Click to your ads:

The number of clicks is the important factor for earning, As Adsense pays you for the click you get on the ads, the click should be genuine and not an invalid click, or else your account may get disabled.

4. Keywords CPC Rate:

CPC is the cost per click you get on ads, so always select high cpc keywords so you can get a good cpc on ads. But some times you need to select low cpc keywords too because of low competition of some keywords to get high traffic on your site.

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