How to Make Money on Instagram 5 Best Ways in 2021

How to Make Money on Instagram 5 Best Ways

Hey guys, if you want to make money on Instagram, here are the 5 best ways from which actually you can make money, so you must try this. Instagram is the most growing social media platform, every day lots and lots of users are joining into it.

Instagram is the best platform to promote and give an initial push to your business, there are lots of ways through which you can make money on Instagram, like setting up your store, affiliate marketing, Reselling, Brand Promotions, and many more.

You don’t need more follower to earn money, even if you have 500 to 1000 followers you can earn a good amount of money, you just need an idea, so in this article, you will get to know 5 best ways to make money on Instagram which are trusted and already proven.

With few followers, there is a limited option to make money on Instagram but this limited option is very capable to make a good amount of money for an individual. If you have good followers that is 10k plus then you have more ways to make money on Instagram.


How to Make Money on Instagram 5 Best Ways in 2021


How to Make Money on Instagram 5 Best Ways in 2021

Here are the best 5 ways to make money on Instagram, that you must try if you have fewer followers on your Instagram and if you actually want to make money.


1. Build an Online Store:

You can build your online store on Instagram, and attract more and more customers to your store by promoting it. You just need to list the product in your Instagram account, where you can post the images and descriptions of the products.

Interested customer will reach you through direct messages. Where you can share the price and discuss the products. This way you can make money on Instagram.


2. Start Affiliate Marketing:

Instagram is also the best platform to start affiliate marketing, here you can promote the products of affiliate programs and share affiliate links.

You can write features or descriptions of the product or introduces the products to the audiences and interested buyers will buy the products and you will receive a commission. To know more about affiliate marketing click here.

There are various affiliate programs where you can sign up easily and start promoting there products and start earning. Amazon Associate will be the best option for you if you are new to affiliate marketing, It is very easy to open an account on it.


3. Reselling or Drop Shipping:

Reselling the products through Instagram is also the best way to make money on Instagram, here you just need to post the images and descriptions of the product that you want to sell, ones it reaches the interested buyer you get a message for order, you can place the order by adding your commission rate.

The product will be directly delivered from the manufacturer to the customer, and the customer won’t even know that it has come from which company and how much commission you have charged for it.


4. Promotion:

Ones you have more followers than the person who actually wants you to promote him or his business, then you can charge for the promotion, even this way you can make some amount of money from Instagram.

Also If you have more followers then you can get some sponsorship from where you can earn a good amount of money.


5. Providing Services:

If you are good at providing any services then you can promote your self on Instagram, and ones it reaches the audiences you start getting calls for your services. Some of the services you can provide through Instagram are:

  1. Product Reviewer
  2. Digital Product Seller
  3. Event Photographer
  4. Graphic Designing
  5. Animator

These are the services you can provide through Instagram and earn money, just open an Instagram page and start earning money from it.


Therefore, this where the 5 ways to make money, if you have liked this article just comment and share it with your friends, or else you can skip it, and some of the basic knowledge about Instagram are given below you can go through it.


How To Open Instagram Account Or Pages:

You can open an Instagram account or page very easily, just follow the steps to open an account on Instagram:

1.Install Instagram on your mobile phone

2. Click on SignUp and fill the basic details, or else you can directly open an Instagram account from your Facebook account.

3. After submitting the details you can select your username and set the password for your account.

4. Now login to Instagram with your username and password. and starting uploading photos.


This way you can open your Instagram account t or page, sometimes you don’t get the username of your choice because it has already been taken by someone else, so you can select from the suggestion which Instagram provides while selecting a username.


How to attract followers to your profile on Instagram

Guys if you want more and more people to view your profile then you should follow the point discuss below, once you start following these point you can attract more and more followers to your profile:


1.Quality of Your Content:

Therefore, the quality of your post should be very good, don’t just upload anything. Whenever someone visits your profile he should not only see the 1 or 2 posts, make sure he views all the posts by uploading good quality content.


2.Caption You Write:

Write the caption which has some meaning, don’t just write anything. Your first target is to attract more and more followers to your profile, so that’s why write a caption in such a way which makes your follower visit your profile.



Hashtags are very important factors to attract more and more followers to your profile, Always use hashtags which is related to your post or to your work, because if you use other hashtags that are not related to your work, you cant find your targeted audiences.


4.Upload Regular:

Keep Uploading Regularly, don’t miss any date, because if you don’t upload for a long time then your followers may unfollow you as if they don’t see your post recently. If you keep uploading regular content it can reach more and more people and you can gain more followers to your profile.


Guys, you should keep these points in mind to attract more and more people to your profile on Instagram.

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