How to Increase Followers on Instagram

How to Increase Followers on Instagram

Hey guys, in this article we will share some ideas to increase Instagram followers. If you want genuine Instagram followers then you must read the article.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms where everyone wants to have a good number of followers, with a good number of followers you can earn a good amount of money from Instagram. There are lots of ways through which you can increase Instagram Followers.

In this post, we will only share free and genuine methods to increase Instagram followers, lots of factor matters to gain a good number of Instagram followers, they are hashtags you use, quality of your post, how attractive is your post and many more.

Instagram is helping many people to earn money by doing their business on Instagram, different people may have different business model, some may require more time to grow and some may grow very soon.

Instagram can help you to grow your business, there are lots of ways to grow your business from Instagram, also Instagram can help you to promote your business.


How to Increase Followers on Instagram


Types Of Followers

Guys, do you know there are types of followers on Instagram, I think it seems unreal to you but it is true there are types of followers on Instagram:


1.Organic Followers:

These are the followers who follow you organically which means they have found your profile to be good and they are enjoying browsing your profile because of the amazing content on it.


2.Paid Followers:

These are the followers whom you have brought through paid promotion from some pages or by promoting your post.


3.Genuine Followers:

Genuine Followers are those you genuinely knowns you, maybe your friend or family members.


Therefore, these are the types of followers on Instagram, always depend on Organic followers as they may help you to grow your profile on Instagram because from paid followers you can get engagement for a limited time but not for a long time.

How to Increase Followers on Instagram

 To increase your Instagram followers you can try the following methods:


If you really want to increase your Instagram followers you should use good quality Hashtags. Hashtags Can help you to attract more and more followers to post once more and more audiences attracted to your post then you can get a good number of followers so for that you need to use good quality Hashtags or Hashtags which is more relevant to your post.

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2. Post Quality:

To gain more followers on Instagram your post should be attractive, as well as the quality of the post should be good. If your post is not attractive then no one will follow you and your follower won’t be increasing so basically to increase your followers first of all you need to Publish a good quality post.



Sponsorships are also the best way to increase your Instagram followers you can reach someone who has more followers than you and get promoted yourself. also, you can reach some pages definitely they will charge some amount of money in order to increase your followers.


4.Promote Yourself:  

If you have a YouTube channel then you can promote yourself in your videos so that your subscribers follow you on Instagram also if you are a blogger then you must promote yourself in your blogs this way you can increase your Instagram followers.


5.Follow For Follow : 

Follow4follow is also a great method of increasing your Instagram followers.  in this method, you follow some other person and you get follow back by the same person. you won’t be getting follow back on all the people you follow but if you follow 50 people maybe you can get follow back by 25.

Don’t try this method regularly your account may get suspended because Instagram doesn’t promote this method of gaining followers.


So guys this where all the methods used in order to increase Instagram followers, from all this method you won’t be getting followers like 50k  or 100K  but you can get followers up to 5,000 or maybe up to 10000.


Advantages Of Having More Followers:

There are lots of advantages of having more followers on Instagram, You can convert those followers into your profit some of the advantages are discussed below:


1. Generate Sales:

If you have good followers then you can also generate sales from it, you just need to post the images of the product and wait for the response from the followers. This way you can sell anything to lots and lots of customers across the world.


2. Promote Anything:

 Having a good number of followers help you to promote anything, You can charge someone for promoting their product on your profile. Or help someone to grow on Instagram by promoting them.

If you don’t get any Sponsorships offers online then try it offline, visit some office or shop, and ask them, do they want you to promote their business online, share some of the advantages they can achieve after promoting their business from you.


3. Become Influencer:

 You can become an influencer if you have a good number of followers on your profile, If you have something unique concept you can make it popular through it.


4. Transfer Traffic To Website:

You can transfer traffic to any websites or blog, also to your own websites, or charge someone for traffic you send to websites or blogs.


5. Become Famous: 

If you have a good number of followers then you can also become famous. Through Instagram, many people have become famous by showing their talent or idea. So Even you can try something.


However, there are lots of advantages but we have discussed a few, If you think you have got some unique advantages after having good followers then do share it in the comment section so that we can learn something new.

Therefore, if you think this post was informative do comment and let us know, to get in touch with us please mail at the email present in the contact us section.

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