How Much It Cost To Set Up a WordPress Blog?

How Much It Cost To Set Up a WordPress Blog?

How much it cost to set up a WordPress blog hey guys in this article you will get to know about the cost of setting up a blog on WordPress where you can find complete information about the expenses you need to spend to set up a blog on WordPress.

How much it cost to set up a WordPress blog, As you guys know  WordPress is not free in order to set up a WordPress blog, first of all, we need to purchase a domain as well as a hosting and themes and plugins as of your choice. if you are new to blogging then domain and hosting must be fine for you. To set up a blog on WordPress first step is to select your niche that’s your topic for the blog,  once you are ready with your topic then you must purchase the domain name as of your choice.


When you are ready with your domain name then you must purchase hosting for your domain.   after purchasing the domain and hosting the next step is to install the WordPress on your C panel once you have installed the WordPress will get the login and password for your WordPress account then you can access your WordPress. So this is the process of setting up a blog in a WordPress now the main thing how much it cost?


How much it cost to set up a wordpress blog


How Much It Cost?

Total expenses vary from person to person if you have a good budget then you can go for a good hosting as well as a good and top-level domain. and if you are a beginner to a blog in then you must have a budget issue.

The price for hosting may be different if you purchase expensive hosting then the speed of your blog will be very first as compared to the less expensive hosting whose speed may be very slow. If you have a good amount of budget then you must go with expensive hosting which maybe around 3000 to 4000 per year. and if you are new to blogging and just want to learn blogging then you must go with less expensive hosting which may be from 500 to 2000  per year.

Similarly, if you have a budget then you must go with a good omen that is com, .in   which are expensive.  and if you have a low budget then you must go for xyz , info which are less expensive.  and the other expenses in setting up a blog in WordPress are the expenses of themes,   plug-ins if you want to purchase a theme and plugins then you must have to spend additional amount.

The minimum cost for a theme may be from $5 to $50 similarly for a plug-in also so it may be from $5 to $50.  if you are new to blogging then you can use the themes provided by WordPress which are free of cost and if you want to give a professional look to your blog then you must purchase the themes or else you can use free themes provided by WordPress.

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How to Select Best Hosting?

Hosting are easily available on the internet for purchases, but before buying hosting you need to keep some point in mind, if you directly buy any hosting then you may face some issue after some time, so whenever you are planning to buy a hosting keep the following point in mind:


1. Speed: 

Speed is the important factor of hosting, if you spend more money on hosting then defiantly you will get a good speed for your page or website. You should take speed as an important factor and should not ignore it for cheap hosting.

As in cheap hosting, you get a very low speed which may affect your blog or website, so always take speed as an important factor while selecting hosting for your website or Blog.


2. Support 24×7:

Support is also very important because if you get some error and you have no one to help you, at this time supports people can help you and you can solve your issue.

Always select a hosting that provides 24×7 Support people for your hosting or else you may face a big problem as no one will be there to solve your hosting problem.


3. Price:

Price is also the Important factor as the more you spend the more features you get on hosting, some of our users may have budget issues so always select those hosting which perfectly fits your budget.

You can get lots of discount and offer, so always check many websites before buying hosting, don’t only check one website and buy it, all the websites have their own prices so select the best one which you get.


4. SSL Certificate:

Select those hosting which provide free SSL certificate also, or else you need to purchases it differently. Some hosting services provide free SSL Certificate but some don’t.

Your Sites should have an SSL Certificate as google only recommends https sites so your sites should also have it.



Storage is given according to the price you pay for hosting, if you pay more for hosting you get larger storage, If your sites don’t have good storage then it will be slow, can take much time to load. So always select hosting with more storage.


This is all the point you need to keep in mind before buying a new hosting for your websites or blog,

How to Select Domain Name?

Guys Selecting Domain name depends on your budget, if you have a good budget then you can buy com or in, and if you want a domain is less price then xyz, info, net are the best option for you.

You can buy a domain name from any domain provider websites, there are many websites which provide domain Name, so always check every website, don’t only depend on one website, you may get a good deal in other websites, also check some coupons and offers.



So guys after adding all the expenses we can conclude that the minimum cost to set up a blog on WordPress may be from 1500 to 3000  depending upon you how much you spent on hosting and domain name.  this may be the cost for setting up a blog on WordPress if you don’t have a budget of  1500 to 3000 then you must go for a blogger which is free.  you can set up a blog on a blogger and start your blogging journey on, Once you start earning money from your blog then you can shift to WordPress. 

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