How can I see my view in Blog?

How can I see my view on Blogs?


Hey, guys in this post you will get to know how you can see views on your blogs, Every new blogger has the same question and is very excited to know how many people have seen their blog.


So in this article, we will share with you the full steps to see your blog views in as well as in WordPress, Recently google had change the interface of so now everything is very confusing to new bloggers, but the recent interface is very well maintained.


To see your views in the blog you can follow the steps:(Blogger)

1.Login to your blogger account, with Gmail id and password.

2. After login to, you will be redirected to blogger dashboard of your blog.

3. Now Select the blog from the top left corner for which you want to see the views.

4. Now select “Stats” from the list of options available on the left side of the blogger dashboard.

5. Here you can see all your views, like All times Views, Today Views, and Yesterday Views, also you can see the top page of your blog.


how to see views in blog


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To see your views in the blog you can follow the steps:(WordPress)

1.Login to your wordpress account, with user id and password.

2. After login to WordPress, you will be redirected to dashboard of your blog.

3. Now you need to install a plugin ” JetPack” you can install a free version.

4. When you have successfully installed the plugin, now activate it and set-up.

5. After the setup, Jetpack will show the actual views your blog or website gets.


Therefore, guys, this was the simple steps to see the views of your blog for both blogger and WordPress.

However, for a blogger, you can view directly but for WordPress you need to install a plugin which is free for viewing “stats”

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